As a firm, we focus on 4 leadership roles, as follows, each led by a Partner with significant experience and expertise in the area:

Our sharp focus and specialization is targeted at delivering an impactful client experience. Together with our advisory services targeted at making the new hire a ‘wow’ (e.g., 100-day plan), we help you to effectively address the business requirement for which the new hire is brought on board:


100-day Plan – We understand that ‘hiring’ is just one step, albeit an important step, in the process by which the new hire adds value to your organisation.

Our research indicates that the long-run success of new hires is largely determined by how they adapt to the new organisation and how they perform in the first 100-days. If they are successful in this period, they continue to go from strength to strength and the client firm benefits significantly. If, however, the candidate does not experience a pleasant and successful transition, there is every chance that the candidate will plateau out (if he continues) or move out, wasting all the investments so far made. A badly managed process, at a CXO level, can easily cost the firm upwards of Rs 2 crores in wasted investments.

To ensure that you reap the maximum out of each senior hire, before the candidate joins, we work with you and the candidate through a structured process to evolve a 100-day plan that ensures deep, effective immersion and engagement of the new hire.

If you have a critical leadership requirement, make sure that you have talked to us – we bring the same capabilities and reach as much-vaunted, marquee firms. We are, however, more nimble!

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